Thursday, January 5, 2012

In the Future

When I get out of school I want to be with my future husband.
And I want the future to be close to me.
And I want to start a family in a small town with more trees than there are streetlights or parking spots and lots.
I want to spend my days decorating the house and making snacks of many varieties.
I want to crochet huge blankets and make Afghans for my new family to be passed from generations to the next.
And I want to have a bundle of kids.
And I want them to learn everything and anything that they want to learn.
I want them to think about things and to make things. and to be happy. I want them to be happy.
And I want them to work for things. I dont want them to expect anyone to give them anything. I want them to learn on their own how hard life can be and that they can change anything.
I want to love someone and be happy.
To be surrounded by nature and smiles and sounds of laughter and music and dogs thumping their happy tails on the porch waiting for the ball to be thrown...
These are things that I want in life.

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