Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I hate this. I hate you. I hate everything.

I am quite bitter right now.
I wish I had friends around.
I dont want to go home.
I want to make reckless decisions and meet cute boys and have fun.
Forget you.
Fuck this.
This was your decision, not mine.
I hate you for making this decision.
I wish we could say this was the right decision.
If you had asked I would have stayed.
I dont think you want me enough.
I dont think you ever did.
I was never important enough for you.
Why do you get to be sad and sappy?
Why did you want to do this now?
Why couldnt it wait?
Why couldnt we be happy for a few months longer?
Now we are both sad.
Are you even sad?
I dont know because you wont talk to me.
I dont know.
I dont know anything.
I know that I am alone.
I know that I miss you.
I know that I am sad knowing that you are not mine anymore.
I am sad.
This makes me sad.
And it makes me hate you.
Why cant we be on the same page?
We arent even in the same book anymore...

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