Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sometimes I am an Angsty Little Girl.

Sometimes I hate everything.
I am staying at school over winter break, mostly.
I do not want to go home. Long story short there is a girl living in my room at home, she pays rent, but she is a slob and sprays god awful perfume all the time to cover up the multitudes of smoking that takes place in my domicile.
I do not want to deal with that mess.
I do not want to deal with being sick in my own home due to the slobs which reside there.
I do not want to deal with running errands which are not mine to run, and irresponsible young adults who try to get me to do their own work.
I am not dealing with that.
I am not dealing with being in the general area of home because the damn streets remind me of my ex which up until now was fine.
I'd miss him, but we were fine.
Now he's being an ass. Even though he doesnt mean to be.
I call bullshit.
If he cared he could have tried harder.
He just gave up.
He gave up.
He. gave. up.
he. gave. me. up.
he gave up on us.
he didnt even try.

I dont need this.
I dont need him.


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