Thursday, December 22, 2011

We are so perfect together. I hate being apart. I hate hate hate it.
If you really didnt want me to leave to FL I wouldnt.
I guess thats what I meant by you giving up. You just agreed with what I decided was best for me. You didnt argue. you're just letting me go is ultimately how my brain sees it, though I know you love me.
Maybe I just have some fairytale story in my head that will have you put me first over everything else in your life and forget any consequences because we will be together, so it will be okay.
I dont hate you. I just dont understand.
I get mad. I do, but for every angry word there are thousands of emotions longing for requited love.
I lash out with irrational words.
But really.. I just want you to hold me and never let me go...

I love you. This is not an attack. This is not pointing fingers.
I just want a coffee.

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